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This just may be the funniest thing I've ever seen

I generally try to leave extensive reviews that are rich in content, but this... this movie has left me speechless. I'm not going to lie and say that the quality on your animation was great, but it hardly matters because it was so damn funny. I started laughing the instant I saw Elmo inside a shark's mouth, and that bizarre whistling noise that accompanied the scene worked incredibly well in increasing the humor, though I have no idea what the hell the sound was actually supposed to be. I managed to get my breathing back under control for a few seconds while Ash had his way with Pikachu, but I lost it again when Oddish shot out of the latter's ass. By the time it crawled back up there, I had tears streaming down my face. But nothing on this planet, NOTHING, could have prepared me for "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Crack". The Super Mario Bros. 3 water theme worked surprisingly well there, and seeing Harry's asymmetrical red eyes rolling around in his head as he asked what sounded like "Daddy, would you like some sausage?" while sitting in a room full of the appropriate meat product suspended from strings... it was just too much to handle. I laughed so hard that I ruptured my lung, and had to depart for the hospital. I heard the title theme from Ocarina of Time as I was leaving, and thought sadly of how long I'll have to wait to watch the actual movie, after I finally recover :(

All kidding aside, though, by the time I got to the actual movie, I was laughing so hard that I thought I might never stop. I suppose this type of humor isn't for everyone, but it certainly did the trick for me. It was just so sick and random that I was perfectly willing to overlook any shortcomings in the animation style. If anything, those shortcomings actually added to the humor. Excellent job, the next time I'm down or in need of a laugh, I'll come back and give this eccentric masterpiece another run!

hyperbunny responds:

Wow, I hadn't looked back at the comments since I posted this, I don't know why. Probably because I figured everyone would hate it.

Thank you very much for the positive feedback, I'm glad we (my friend and I) made at least one person laugh. Thanks again :)

A lot of fun, but still has room for improvement

This is a great little collection of video game bloopers, and definitely worth watching if you're in need of a chuckle. I think the fairest way to break this down is by scene. Incidentally, I must say I love your scene selection screen. I happen to be a huge Mega Man fan, so I appreciate that you came up with the idea of modifying the stage selection screen to allow the viewer to pick a particular clip in the movie, complete with the music from the game and all. The pictures for each scene make it relatively easy to locate whichever one you need, and I like how the pictures change to the scene numbers as you hover your mouse over them. Now, on to the actual scenes!

Scene 1: The first thing I noticed about this one is the One-Up Mushroom noise that could be heard as the text appeared over Mario's head. I thought it added a really nice touch, in the sense that it just helped set the mood of being in the Mushroom Kingdom. However, the punchline feels a bit bland, and might have been funnier if Mario could perhaps be seen struggling in the lava as he bursts into flame.

Scene 2: Loved it, with Mega Man running while the overly dramatic track played in the background. I never would have made the connection that it looks like Dr. Light is searching for a contact lens, I thought that was brilliant! The only problem with this one is that the text is a bit difficult to read against the background.

Scene 3: Ah, the wonder of fart jokes. The only thing better than a fart joke is a grotesquely exaggerated fart joke. Which is why I think this would have been funnier with a longer, louder fart. It would have been great if the fart had ignited some of those bushes, too.

Scene 4: I noticed that the horizontal part of the pipe on the bottom-left is slightly misaligned with the vertical part. Otherwise, this is one of the best scenes in the whole movie. I thought the joke would be over after Mario was launched into the air, so I love how you surprised me by continuing it and having the pipe fire him into the side of the castle. The fireworks were just the icing on a beautifully made cake.

Scene 5: I think you must have mis-credited the music from this scene. Although the background is indeed Heat Man's level from Mega Man 2, the music is from Fire Man's stage in the first Mega Man game. The credits say that you used music from Mega Man 2, but I did not hear any tracks from that game. And there was not a credit for the music from the first Mega Man. I can only assume that there was a little mix-up somewhere along the line. The scene itself, however, is fine, and I particularly like the little "sproing" noise when Mega Man jumps on the Rush Coil. The underwater theme from Super Mario Bros. works surprisingly well in space.

Scene 6: Haha, I've always wanted to say something along those lines to that fairy, even if she is really a kindred spirit. The red "HEY! FATSO!" text was a bit difficult to read, although the white text caused me no trouble. Both of the voice clips here were pretty hilarious. The only other problem is that after Link runs away, you can still see his cap moving at the bottom of the screen.

Scene 7: I don't have much to say about this scene, beyond that I like how Mario curses right before the Fat Chocobo lands on his head.

Scene 8: Thankfully, the text in this one is a bit easier to read against the background. You also cut the music off at the perfect moment for comedic effect. Did you custom-sprite Mega Man pointing for the part where he laughs? Because it looks pretty good.

Scene 9: I see that you saved the best for last, or so I feel. While all the other scenes were definitely worth a hearty chuckle, this was the one that really got me laughing. Once again, the red text was a bit difficult to read, particularly where it says "Master Sword!" But you more than made up for it when Link got fried by the lightning, that was pure genius!

In summary, this animation contains all-around good sprite work, although the quality on some of those sound clips could have been better. Nice work, I'd like to see more of these!

Kreivi-Krapula responds:

Hey, Thanks Man for the massive review! This really helps me improve my upcoming flashes.

I hope to hear more from you.

Highly enjoyable

First and foremost, I must say that I'm very impressed that you were able to create an animation this long, and maintain its considerable quality all throughout.

Visually, this piece is very pleasing. Naturally, as a sprite movie, it employs a great deal of characters and environments taken from the appropriate game (in this case, primarily Super Mario World and Super Mario All-Stars, I believe). All of this, was done very well. The frame rate and motion present in the characters could easily pass as directly from the game, which is one of the highest praises I can offer to a sprite movie. It looks like you also had some custom-spriting in there. I don't remember ever seeing a Thwomp with that level of detail in any of the games; the diversity of their facial expressions and three-dimensional appearances you appear to have added for this flick worked really well. I absolutely loved Luigi's popcorn sprite, too. It was cute, and done really nicely.

In terms of sound, this movie is also very solid. The voice acting, for me, was the single best thing about the whole movie. The voices of the two main Thwomps reflected their personalities perfectly: the more subdued Thwomp with the softer manner of speaking, and the dominant, power-hungry one with the comically commanding, gravelly tone (the latter reminds me of a voice I've heard elsewhere, probably in a professional work which I can't put my finger on. Did you by any chance try to emulate the voice of a well-known character when recording his lines?). Mario and Luigi also sounded superb, almost as if you had their actual voice actors working on this project. All voices were synchronized flawlessly with their corresponding characters' lip motion on the screen (with one exception that I'll touch on later). You also had a great selection of music that captured the moods of their designated scenes quite effectively, whether the intended mood was exciting, humorous, mournful, or otherwise. I'd imagine that this extensive soundtrack was the reason for the huge file size, but it is more than worth it.

Your action sequences were quite something. In the large battle during which the retaliating Thwomps overthrow Bowser's army, I found it very impressive how you had so many objects moving at once as they charged down their opponents. That level of attention to detail is nothing less than admirable. The final battle between the Thwomps and the Mario brothers was amazing for a sequence that lasted so long. It was fresh and exciting for its entire (considerable) duration, with some really nice combos pulled off by members of both teams.

The humor, though not side-splittingly funny, was ever-present and very welcome. There wasn't a single point during the movie where I found myself thinking "Wow, that was a really lame joke, I can't believe the author thought that would be funny." Every humorous attempt in here was, at the very least, worth a chuckle. There were several things, however, that did come across as particularly amusing to me. As I mentioned before, the voice of the more dominant-natured Thwomp was absolutely comical. Mario's bloodthirsty tendencies were priceless, I couldn't stop laughing when he kept gleefully smashing up the enemies Luigi was trying to interrogate. I also loved that shot of the Thwomp hunting down Bowser's underlings with a chainsaw, and, of course, the concept of "Pimp Thwimp."

My only major gripe is with the final scene starring the King Thwomp. The second Thwomp he is talking to doesn't have the same excellent lip-synching present in the rest of the movie. Also, the way his dialogue popped up over the whole screen seemed very out-of-place, as this is the only time this happens in the whole movie.

I strongly recommend adding a control bar for the movie. If an unexpected distraction arises, there is no way to pause (not even by right-clicking and selecting "Play", which just takes you to the next scene), and in a movie this long, it can take you a long time to get back to your place. A scene selection screen would also be nice.

Overall, great work!

Psycosis91 responds:

I'm really greatful you took the time for such a long review. I think you for all your kind words, the only things I can coment on without being smug is the last two points. The last scene where the lip syncing was out of place was intentional, a little stab at myself. You see when the King Thwomp gets sent back in time he gets put into the place he was in in the first movie 'The Thwomps', and that movie had no lip syncing and huge subtitles that were really distracting. That's why it was out of place, to make it feel that it's like the first movie (that's why the King Thwomp still has his lip sync and normal subtitles.)

A control bar would have been a good idea for the movie I admit, I'm not really good at scripoting things like that, since the actual movie is only 10 frames long (everything in movieclips) so that would have been a problem, that's also the reason there isn't a scene selection screen.

Well thanks again for the lengthy review and I'm really glad you liked it. ;D

Now that's what I call education!

This was an excellent piece of work, truly deserving of the 100% you received from your teacher. Graphics were awesome. I watched this through several times, and couldn't find anything wrong with the spritework. The placement of characters and objects was basically perfect, and the frame rate made it look like the motion shots were taken straight from the game. Nice job recreating the slow falling motion of the cape feather ;) All the little details in this, like the "Z"s when Mario fell asleep during Lakitu's lecture (probably taken from the sleeping fish in the water levels) were something I could really appreciate as a Mario fan. Was that ice pack in the game at any point? I don't remember seeing it, but it's been a long time since I've played, and it looked so perfect in the Mario environment that I may well be mistaken. Due to your masterful use of the sprites, I also gave you a high score in style, because it really made the movie feel just like the game (which I'm sure you intended to do). Something else you did that brought back fond memories of my days playing Super Mario World was your use of two locations that were very familiar to me (I believe the wave part was set in Yoshi's Island 2, and the sound barrier part was from Donut Plains 1). The use of these locations to demonstrate those particular parts of physics was both creative and brilliant, especially the Koopa wave at the beginning (I never would have thought to look at that as a wave). The part at the end where Mario broke the sound barrier was also very well done, I liked how he gradually got faster, finally grabbing the Starman and causing a sonic boom. The sound, like everything else, was wonderful, you made great use of sound effects from the game. I loved your choice of the voice effects for Mario and Yoshi, it really helped to contribute to the humor in this (I thought it was hilarious when Yoshi did his classic scream as Mario began to move his tongue faster). The voice acting for Lakitu was pretty good. Not perfect, but far better than the voice acting I see in most submissions. The low level of violence is forgiveable, I understand that this wasn't meant to be an extremely violent flash, and I'm glad you didn't overdo it. The few violent moments were all very funny, especially when Lakitu hit Mario, who in turn let go of Yoshi's tongue and sent his poor green friend flying off the screen. I also liked at the end, when Mario's flight power ran out, and you could see him crashing into the mountain in the background. Interactivity was minimal, but, like violence, not really intended, or very necessary, so I won't hold it against you. The humor in this was ever present, and this, more than anything else, made the flash enjoyable, making sure that there was never a dull moment. Some other funny things I liked were Mario's apparent boredom with the lesson, and the way he pretended to understand the things Lakitu was talking about, even though he was obviously clueless. Some of Lakitu's lines were also pretty humorous, like "That's really weird, but I guess it'll work," but the best was "Hey Mario, I bet you can't break the sound barrier," it gave me a really strong feeling that he knew exactly what Mario would attempt if he said that, even though it was not exactly a wise feat to attempt. To the best of my knowledge, this is all educationally accurate. I haven't taken physics yet (that's next year), but I've taken trigonometry already, and all the stuff you said about the properties of the wave (like amplitude, frequency, crest, and trough) were correct, so I'm guessing the rest of the information in this was also pretty accurate. One last minor detail I liked was the apple that fell on Mario's head once the movie finished loading, the relevance to Sir Isaac Newton's contributions to physics was something else that struck me as simple brilliance. Great work, I'd like to see more educational flash like this from you in the future, perhaps something starring Luigi?

Magius responds:

This is the most well-thought out and intelligent review I have ever read on Newgrounds. I really want to thank you for your appreciation of all the little details that went into this movie. I did try to make it look and feel just like the game. If you look at the Start screen, I hope you'll find that I recreated the Super Mario World intro as best as I could (besides the 'Physics Tutorial' option).

You are absolutely correct about the levels, Z's, and ojbects. I even made sure that the red koopa shell in Yoshi's Island 2 was in the correct place. You did miss something, though. I doubt anyone was this observant, but I didn't put the correct amount of koopas necessary for a 1-up. (>.<) Not a big deal, but still...

I custom-sprited Mario's ice pack, and I'm happy to hear that it blended in with the other sprites. ^,^

I very much doubt that you'll be seeing anymore educational videos from me in the future, but y'never know. :P Thanks again for your wonderful review.

This is pretty awful

I generally try to be constructive in my reviews, but there is so little here that it may be hard. First of all, you need to learn to rate your movies properly. You marked this as "excessive" in all five categories, yet there is no nudity or language of any sort. Adult themes are perhaps present, by a really large stretch of the imagination (mild at the very worst), and violence, although it is justifiable to mark it as excessive here, could have probably gotten away with a "mild" rating, even if it's only because the blood in this looked so horifically unrealistic. As for the movie itself, the graphics bordered on alright, but weren't quite there. I'm oddly fond of the stick man, for reasons I can't even explain to myself (perhaps the expression on his face?). The tree looks alright, and the other character actually looks pretty good, but you need more than three immobile objects and a roughly drawn terrain to create a flash that is pleasing to look at. Try adding some sort of background, you seem to have a fair amount of talent, at least when it comes to drawing. The chainsaw isn't too bad, but you really need to animate it, rather than just move it around, try to make it look like the chain is actually moving. Stylistically, this has little to offer. All the individual components didn't really fit together well, they looked like they each belonged in a different flash. You'd be better off sticking with one particular style, and making everything in the animation fit that style. The little sound you included was good, especially the scream (the only reason I rated this so high on humor), but again, it needs more. I hope some of my suggestions will help you to make better animations in the future, because this really didn't deserve to pass judgement. But I believe you do have talent, so keep at it ;)

TeddyRob responds:




That really was priceless!

So many priceless parodies have turned up over time, and from my experience, most seem to be fairly disappointing. I'm glad to say that this one, however, was very successful in making me smile. It may well be the best priceless spoof I've ever seen made in flash, to date. I'm very impressed with your sprite work, the movement of the characters could have been a little bit better, but it didn't take away too much from the value of this parody, and I'm willing to overlook it, thanks to the inclusion of some wonderfully made custom sprites ;) I'm not sure where you got the castle background object, or if you created it from scratch with the building blocks used to create various Super Mario World dungeons, but it fit in almost perfectly. The Toad sprite sporting the crutch in the beginning was subtle, yet good-looking, and funny in a twisted way. The alternate formal dress for the wedding also looked really nice. I liked the music selection, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is one of my favorites, and it created a rather comical effect in the very first scene. Also, I'm not sure what the music that played during the end credits was called, but it was really nice. The best part of this flash, however, is the short little violent sequence near the end. The punchline in itself was hilarious, but some of the other details of the scene were really what made this worth watching. I was unable to suppress my sadistic laughter as I watched an aggravated Mario knock the baby Toad out of the arms of the Princess, and the use of that scream was hilarious. You cut it off at the perfect moment, simultaneous with that audible crack that indicated what I can only assume to be the snapping of the young Toad's neck. His last death throes at the bottom of that small pool provided the icing on a beautifully baked cake. I liked how you had Mario hunting down Toad, the father, after that, carrying the action offscreen and providing us with a series of violent sound effects, leaving his dark fate to our imaginations. Seeing Mario run across the screen immediately after with Toad's Master Card, crying out "Hee hee! I got it!" was excellent use of that particular sound effect, and the picture of him eating Toad's disembodied skull, like the scene in which he threatened to eat him, offers a new and wonderful barbaric perspective on the plumber. The only complaint I really have about this is the lack of a proper background for the scene in which Toad presents Mario with the Mushroom, I would like to see you add one, a dungeon setting would probably be most fitting. But, overall, great work, this is the best short I've seen in a while.

MrPuff responds:

Wow, thanx. You really made me look at my animation in a way i never looked at it before. Because you ejoyed this movie and looked at every little aspect in it, some i didnt even look at, ill try to remake the scene where mario eats the mushroom and threatens toad.........Oh and the music in the credits is from the classic horror movie the Exorcist. Thanx for your review.

Now THAT is quality Flash!

I honestly don't think there is anything about this that could have been done better. I knew this was going to be good from the start, the simple backstory sets the mood perfectly. That little introduction was very pleasing, both visually, and in terms of the story it told. You cut straight to the point, which is something I appreciate (as much as I love the Zelda games, some of their intros can be a bit too long). I'm astonished by your mastery of the graphical aspects of Flash. You draw fire very well, and some of the visuals you were able to create were superb, especially in terms of shading effects. The light cast by the campfire flames near the beginning was done with incredible skill, I think it's great that you even took the time to put the flickering reflection on the shiny surface of Link's ocarina. I was similarly impressed with the light given off by the lightning toward the end of the animation (which, by the way, created some great dramatic effect in its presence), and also the purple glow visible on Dark Link's face as he was charging up that one magical attack after his transformation. Those flickering bolts of purple energy that surrounded him at certain points were also wonderfully pulled off. Yet another thing that impressed me was your simultaneous use of several different layers moving at different speeds to make it look like the characters themselves were moving incredibly fast, both in the horseback scene and the fight in the canyon. The music selection was flawless. I quite liked the Song of Time at the beginning, but your use of "Anakin's Betrayal" from "Revenge of the Sith" helped to create one of the most moving flash sequences I've ever seen. It really helped to add emotion as Link looked over his homeland, watching helplessly as it was being torn up by gigantic columns of water and flame. The fight itself was very exciting, fast-paced and interesting the whole way through.

Congratulations, your flash abilities have earned you much respect in my eyes. Both you and this animation are going under my favorites. I hope to see this on the front page soon, and can't wait for part 2!

ZyneXx responds:

Thanx alot for your review :) I will begin working on part two soon, but 1st Im gonna take a little rest, after these days of hard working.

Haha I can so relate to that...

...which is probably a large part of the reason I enjoyed it so much. One of the things that makes a great flash is touching on a subtle point that seems to be a part of everybody's day-to-day life (especially one that annoys the crap out of people, Murphy's Law never fails to amuse), and expressing it in a humorous manner. You seem to have done that perfectly, I can't tell you how many times I've wasted hours on end looking for a simple object that turned out to be right under my nose, losing my sanity little by little. The graphics weren't the best I've seen, but they certainly did the job nicely all the same. I personally loved the style, the black and white fit very well for some reason. I also like how the character in the story had a blank face, simply because it could be the face of nearly anyone on this planet. The subtle humor throughout it was great, as was the more in-your-face humor, such as "Psychos in mirror are running faster than they appear." The musical choice was also very good, although the piece you used is something I consider to be a bit overused, it fit this flash perfectly, following the character right to the end of his trip to the brink of insanity. Great work, I hope to see more work like this from you that expresses the humor of everyday life.

RareFactory responds:

well thank you very much. It's good to know that my work is appreciated. I'm glad you caught the "psychos in mirror are running...etc" I thought it would go by too fast for most people to catch it. Thank you for your thoughts!

I'm a nice guy with a sick sense of humor. I have no talent whatsoever with Flash, but I do believe the reviews I write on this site are somewhat helpful. Feel free to PM me.

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