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Haha I can so relate to that...

...which is probably a large part of the reason I enjoyed it so much. One of the things that makes a great flash is touching on a subtle point that seems to be a part of everybody's day-to-day life (especially one that annoys the crap out of people, Murphy's Law never fails to amuse), and expressing it in a humorous manner. You seem to have done that perfectly, I can't tell you how many times I've wasted hours on end looking for a simple object that turned out to be right under my nose, losing my sanity little by little. The graphics weren't the best I've seen, but they certainly did the job nicely all the same. I personally loved the style, the black and white fit very well for some reason. I also like how the character in the story had a blank face, simply because it could be the face of nearly anyone on this planet. The subtle humor throughout it was great, as was the more in-your-face humor, such as "Psychos in mirror are running faster than they appear." The musical choice was also very good, although the piece you used is something I consider to be a bit overused, it fit this flash perfectly, following the character right to the end of his trip to the brink of insanity. Great work, I hope to see more work like this from you that expresses the humor of everyday life.

RareFactory responds:

well thank you very much. It's good to know that my work is appreciated. I'm glad you caught the "psychos in mirror are running...etc" I thought it would go by too fast for most people to catch it. Thank you for your thoughts!

Incredibly catchy

I have to admit, when I first started watching this, I thought it was going to be a complete waste of my time. The simple white line drawings on the black background seemed very sub-par, and the tune started off kind of slow, although it wasn't too bad. I decided to continue watching, however, as a devoted Star Wars fan, and I'm so very glad I did. Thank you for proving my first instinct wrong, this was really quite something! The simple animation style that almost turned me away at first is something I fell in love with more and more as the movie progressed. It fits the song perfectly, and the lips on the singers move almost perfectly in time with the lyrics (as does the snapping). The style here is truly unique, something I have not seen before. The corny humor throughout this is great, you put a fair amount in without going over the top, and got a fair few smiles out of me. I particularly liked the use of images in place of words (F+horse=force, egg+swing=X-Wing, and best of all, how to wear a "hood"). The place where this really shines, though, is the music. Once it picks up, the tune is something I can't stop listening to. None of the lyrics really lie so far outside the Star Wars universe that they don't fit, AND they flow wonderfully. I really must commend you for doing both with the same song. I rated this high on interactivity, simply because I can't stop singing it. I was singing lines from it repeatedly through my morning shower today, and it still hasn't become boring yet. I think I'm going to need therapy to stop listening to this. Great work, I hope to see more submissions like this from you in the future.

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Randy Solem, you are my hero

This stunning finish to the most stunning flash saga ever is everything I could have expected, and more. It demonstrates near-perfection in every aspect imaginable, I honestly don't even know where to start. I guess the simple things should come first. The animation was excellent, everything flowed so smoothly and all those custom sprites you had to create fit in seamlessly with the ones taken directly from the game. The music selection was superb, every single tune you stuck in there, whether it was from the world of Mario or an alternate source, somehow seemed to fit the mood perfectly, with no exceptions. The same goes for the sound effects, and basically any other technicalities you had to deal with. One of the best things of all in this movie, however, was the emotion you put into this. There were two scenes in particular that were real tearjerkers. The first scene, in which Mario had memories of his infancy and younger days with Luigi, and, of course, the final scene, which was touching to the point that it rivals the level of emotion in the original funeral scene from Rise 1. As for the plot, that was great, I loved how you used the 1-Up Mushroom to bring a tragic story to a happy end. The humor was also great, and although Wart's ass is not a pretty sight, his final fart in the presence of the fireflower brought a noteworthy smile to my face. Then there is also the humor found in all those great little easter eggs, especially the desert signs, the tribute to "Mario Gets Lucky," and, most of all, Arnie. Congratulations, Randy, you are a true master of flash and Video Game parodies.

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Sick, but different

I have to admit, I was initially tempted to give you a rock-bottom score on this submission when I first saw the completed image, but after giving it some deeper thought, I decided it warranted a bit more, primarily because it was so creative. The music was rather annoying, but you have a rather unique style of art. Although I hate to admit it, you designed the flower's penis very well. Yes, it was gross, but if flowers had dicks, I imagine that is exactly what they'd look like. I don't know why this is rated as appropriate for all ages, or why you had to show the flower at the exact moment of ejaculation, but overall, this was an okay game.

That was inspirational...

...after all, it is rather hard to deny that this animation inspired some of the funniest reviews I have ever read. Although the several seconds I wasted on the movie were rather disappointing, the reviews more than made up for it. I was literally bent over double with laughter for minutes at a time while reading some of them. Thank you for making this flash, not because it entertained me, but because it inspired some of the most hilarious responses I've seen in my life.

Very enjoyable

That was a really funny flick, and it sent a good message, too. You did a nice job with the sprite animation, to the point where it took me back to the memories of one of my favorite games on the SNES. It was also pretty accurate, in terms of the effects steriods can have on the human body. Mega Man X and steroids was a great combination, I don't know how you thought of it but I got a lot of great little laughs from the jokes you placed throughout the course of that animation. Great work ;)

I hope you will reimburse me...

...for the pair of pants I soiled while watching this. This was frickin' hilarious, I was in hysterics the whole way through. I loved how you used all the serious dialogue, and then interrupted the most dramatic moments with various sounds of flatulence. As if that wasn't funny enough, the facial expressions were simply priceless. It feels like I should have scored such a short flick slightly lower, but the giggle factor really made this unbearably funny, and quite worthy of a high score.

Once again, you have catered to my childish humor

Just like with so many of your other short flicks, great sprite work, nice use of sounds, and hilarious driving concept. I liked the whole "Act 69" idea, it's little details like this that make such short films into masterpieces. And no matter how hard I try not to laugh, farting never seems to get old ;)

Nothing I haven't seen before, but alright

This doesn't really bring much that I haven't seen in other Numa Numa parodies, but I'd like to complement you on the custom sprites you created for the video. All the dance movements for Mario and Luigi looked pretty good, especially the mouth motion (which fit very well). I would personally recommend using your talent with sprite animation to create something new. The bottom line is that I think you have great potential, just not with something so overused.

Nicely done

Finally, a Numa Numa parody that isn't worse than watching a cow give birth to siamese twins (that was a hilarious line, by the way). Naturally, I'm getting a bit sick of these, but this one brought something new to the table. I particularly liked your drawings of the people from the real show, you could actually tell who everyone was, and the style with which you drew them was just nice-looking, overall. Nice characterization of the judges, too. And again, I must credit you for the siamese twins line, that, along with everything else really helped to make this flash enjoyable to watch.

I'm a nice guy with a sick sense of humor. I have no talent whatsoever with Flash, but I do believe the reviews I write on this site are somewhat helpful. Feel free to PM me.

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