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That was hilarious!

This was a very enjoyable flash animation. I have grown rather tired of the Numa Numa song after having heard it so many times, and I can really relate to the character in the movie. This has to be the funniest spinoff of Numa Numa that I have ever seen. The bloodshot eyes and the scream just added to the effect, and I laughed the whole way through. Great work!

Can't wait for 4

Before I get started on the movie, the Easter Egg scene was pretty funny. And like the first two, the music, graphics, and animation are phenomenal. The beginning of this made a quite startling revelation concerning the first two movies, I have to admit it quite surprised me. Nice twist, although I feel terrible for poor Luigi. I liked how he used the stopwatch to save Mario, which appropriately appeared after he pulled the fifth vegetable. The Spiderman trailer music that plays as Mario flies to take on Wart is very fitting, and Princess Peach's own actions are quite intriguing. The battle against Mouser was pretty funny, especially at the end, when he fell into the jar. ROTMK is, in all honesty, the best series of Flash movies I have ever seen, and I eagerly await Part 4. This one, in particular, foreshadows great things to come.

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A brilliant addition to the first ROTMK

Like before, the graphics and sound effects fit the Mushroom Kingdom setting perfectly. I find this one a lot more humorous than the first, and have a strong appreciation for the small details, such as the squishing sound of the army walking through the puddle of blood. As a long time Mario fan, I also have a good appreciation for more subtle humor, like the 1-UP that popped up after Yoshi took out the whole row of Parakoopas, and Luigi's use of the Minus-World trick The style of the battles was wxcellent, I particularly liked the outdoor battle scene between the Koopas and Mushroom Kingdom residents, along with Luigi's final battle against Bowser. The last scene was another favorite. I liked the winter environment, and it was very emotional, watching Luigi go to visit his brother's grave to spend a moment alone in reflection. The inscription "Brother, Friend, HERO" was enough to almost put me in tears again. That last twist at the very end is great, too. I loved this!

Simply breathtaking

Wow, so much to say on this one. First of all, I'd like to congratulate you on the excellent graphic style of the movie. The characters and sprites make it look like theis was directly out of a game, rather than reconstructed with ripped sprites and backgrounds. The music selection was also excellent. I particularly liked the use of the Titanic theme in the funeral scene, it added a really nice touch. That had to have been the most emotional moment I've ever seen in any animation, I was almost in tears myself while I watched them crying as the coffin was lowered into the ground. And the way you could see the thirst for revenge in Luigi's eyes, the way he went to avenge his brother, all added to the emotion. One of the funnier moments was when the Yoshis mauled the Lakitus that flew by the bushes, and the end of the battle really leaves you begging for more. Great work, this really sets a high standard for other Flash movies!

Funny as hell

That is a great piece of work, brilliantly creative. As if it wasn't funny enough after he finally hits the block, you then pull that thing with the mushroom and his head. I've watched this many times, and it never seems to get old. This is definitely going under my favorites, so keep up the good work!

Not bad

You did a very good job making the music and animations look and sound just like the game, but it was a little short. Although the humor was rather immature, it still brought a grin to my face. Not the best movie I've ever seen, but it was well worth watching.

I'm a nice guy with a sick sense of humor. I have no talent whatsoever with Flash, but I do believe the reviews I write on this site are somewhat helpful. Feel free to PM me.

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